Is the Labour Party on a suicide course?

It appears that the Labour Party with Corbyn as its Leader is moving further and further to the left, soon it could be having a serious effect on the membership figures.
The normal member of the various unions are not socialists, they are just people who are trying to look out for themselves and not be taken for a ride by others. Soon these very members will rise up and take back control of the unions their forefathers started.
Michael Foot tried to take the Labour Party on a path towards the left and socialism, he didn’t succeed but rather the Party had a major defeat in a subsequent election.

When there were middle of the road Labour people like Blair and Brown (in his early years) who captured the imagination of the middle class voter they stood a better chance of winning elections, but if they are extremely left wing their chances are reduced.

With todays methods of instant mass communication the whole political scene is changing only a short while ago it was only the young who understood the social media, this has now changed and you even have pensioners with Facebook and twitter accounts. This means that they also have access to worldwide propaganda but with the experience of years they are more likely to query it.

Is it possible that out of this chaos will rise a new political party?

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Are we living in a Country safe from attacks?

It is becoming apparent that no country is safe from an attack by another country or regime.

This has become apparent when you read about the vicious attack on the Russian family of Ex spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury. To me it is made worse by the attackers not even caring whether some innocent person was injured by their action.
What would the average Russian citizen think if a similar style of attack was made on, let us say a middle eastern  terrorist seeking refuge in Russia and a large group of Russian citizens were caught up in it and they were also injured. I am sure they would be as horrified as we are now.

Sergei Skripal was I believe exchanged in 2010 as part of a spy exchange deal.
Why was this assassination carried out so long after the exchange?

We also read about terrorist attacks carried out in various countries throughout the world, have these always been going on and it is entirely due to social networking that we are becoming aware of it?

How many times is it a case of this type of news is cover for some another news that is buried? Do you remember the comment made some years back during the swine flu epidemic that Jo Moore made the statement that “now is a good day to bury bad news?” I believe the year was 2009.

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Severe Weather Conditions

It has become very clear that this country is unable to cope in a long period of severe weather, especially snow and ice.

We read in the  news papers (If you can get to the shops to buy one or if your newspaper boy/girl was able to deliver it) of traffic being held up and delayed for hours, sitting in freezing conditions on trains where the heating has failed, sitting in a car unable to move because of long queues of other traffic possible due to a serious accident where the emergency services are struggling to get through.

I seem to remember that many years ago there was talk of fitting special winter tyres or even snow chains in hazardous conditions.
Is it that the modern general purpose tyre is better under hazardous conditions than snow tyres or chains?

Even worse is that our industrial companies had to cut back on the use of gas because we only have 10 day of gas in reserve where as Germany for example has 73 days.
Why is that?
Is it just to save money?
Or is it that successive governments have decided that these conditions are so rare that we can put up with only 10 days reserve?

How much has this week of bad weather cost the country?
Is it worth it with people dying?

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Major Robert Cambell and the Iraq war.

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E U Who controls what

The EU is becoming more and more dictatorial, the way things seem to be moving it will soon become one State (made up of different countries) with its own Armed Forces similar to The United States of America.
It is strange that it is going down that path without any yeah or nay from its own participating countries, whilst The Soviet Union did the opposite.

Will the European Union have its future roll decided by the unelected commissioners or will it be debated by the EU participating countries.
Whatever happens it could be a worrying thought.
Just remember which countries had thoughts of dominating Europe before, are those thoughts still there but hidden or is this a new approach to power?

If we weren’t going down the Brexit path I would be worried.

How many countries would leave if that happened?

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999 Services

I recently read a blog published by a blogger called PoliceCommander, I must admit it made me stop and think, not just for five or ten minutes but for the rest of the day.
It was about how he was retiring on medical grounds after 20 odd years of service. This was due to the sights that he had seen and the incidents that he had participated in during his time in the Police.

We are all used to seeing the Police, Fire Brigade and the Ambulances in our community.
How many of us stop and think what horrible incidents they have been involved in that day and not only that day but consistently during their working hours. The accidents with damaged and suffering people and worse still children.
I still remember an accident that I saw in 1949, in Singapore an Army Lorry that had been sent to meet our Troopship Crashed on the way in to Singapore City Centre, it caught fire with no escape for some of the troops in the back unfortunately some died and we who were in another lorry that followed later passed the crash scene and saw the burnt bodies.

Now if I still remember that sight from years ago think how the 999 services must feel who see a similar and some times worse scene many times in their working life.
All I am saying is think kindly of these people, they are looking after you and yours and they sometimes suffer more than you realise whilst doing it.

Thankyou all of the 999 services, after reading that blog I understand a bit more of what you are going through.

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Lincolnshire, a dangerous county to drive a car in.

Reports have just been published stating that Lincolnshire in the UK is one of the most dangerous counties to travel by car in.
I am sure that if drivers used the theory that they should treat other drivers as they themselves would wish to be treated a car journey would be safer and less of a strain. Perhaps more time should be allowed for the journey then there wouldn’t be the need for racing along. (I am one of those people who would rather be very early than late, so I always allow plenty of time for possible holdups.)

Many years ago the whole driving scene was different, if you saw a broken down car and no AA or RAC van or motorcycle in attendance you your self would stop to see if you could help. (Mind you I’m not sure it would be a safe thing to do these days.)

Isn’t it a sad state of affairs when you wouldn’t feel safe to stop and help others. I often wonder is the world really like this or is it just a case of the press are only interested in bad news so won’t publish good news.

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