Squabbles amongst the Political Parties.

It seems that if you wish to become a major political party you must have an internal squabble over one thing or another.

Labour has chosen to argue and fall out over their attitude to the Jewish community, the Conservative Party have chosen to argue over the comments Boris Johnson made on the Burka.
The Conservatives are in the position where just one or two of their hierarchy have decided to try and score points over an article on Burkas written by Boris Johnson in the Daily Telegraph.
This definitely seems an own goal as the Grass Roots of the party agrees with Boris as do a large number of their supporters and Donors.
The question is why did they decide to do this?
The only conclusion I can come to is that they would rather commit political suicide than have Boris as a future leader.

Labour are falling out over the Israelis and the Palestinians’ with Jeremy Corbyn denying that he has done or said something and another member of his own party producing evidence proving that his memory is faulty.

Time and time again the MP’s and their aides act as though they are school kids in the playground at school. The only difference is that the school playground has Prefects and Teachers to keep the kids from going to far overboard whilst the MP’s think that they are supreme.

Will these ancient Brats ever grow up?


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Boris & The Burka.

Has the scheme to attack Boris Johnson over saying that wearing a Burka must be like looking through a letter box backfired?

It is becoming more and more obvious that the majority of the British Public agree with him.

It seems that Labour Political figures are using it to take pressure off them over their anti Jewish attitude.
Certain Conservative political characters are using it to promote their own personal advantage and political progress.

Are these people really saying that it is O.K. to go into public place such as a bank or post office or even a benefits office wearing a Burka yet if you were wearing a motorcycle crash helmet you would have to remove it?

I understand having to remove the crash helmet but I can’t understand being allowed to wear a garment which hides just as much.

Is the Burka really a Muslim religious requirement?

The Human Race is programmed to communicate with other people by watching their facial expressions as well as listening to them speak.

Why are we deprived of this communication tool?

Are the countries that bann the Burka wiser than the British or just more realistic?

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Armed Forces Are Let Down Again & Again!

It is about time the Government stood up for our armed forces, time and time again they have been sacrificed for political expediency. The last time was when Theresa May sold them out to get the support of the DUP after she had made a mess of the General Election.

If the members of the armed forces formed their own political party more attention would be paid to their needs.

How many people really understand what the members of the forces go through when they rejoin civilian life?
How many people have been part of a patrol either on land sea or air when there has been a skirmish and one or two members have been injured or killed? Does the normal citizen understand the feeling of guilt coupled with relief when they return safely but their friend doesn’t?

Prior to using aircraft transporting members around the world Troopships were used this actually was better for the returning troops as they had time to talk over their experiences amongst themselves, this was beneficial.

Even the closing of the Military Hospitals was undertaken without thought of what was best for the troops, but purely to save money.

The civil servants who priced it all have a lot to answer for.


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What is hacking?

If someone asked how long has hacking been going on, I wonder what your answer would be?

Is it a modern thing?

But stop and think about it what is hacking but breaking in to read someone’s correspondence and thoughts.
Many, years ago before envelopes people folded their letters and sealed them with sealing wax. Naturally people other than the intended recipients wanted to see what had been written, so using a long thin knife with a heated blade they slid the blade under the sealing wax lifted it up opened the letter read it reheated the blade and replaced the sealing wax and sent it on its way.
Was that hacking?

During World War II radio messages in code were sent to secret agents. The opposing side tried to intercept the messages and break the code to read the message.
Was that hacking?

Wire tapping to eavesdrop 0n telephone calls, usually by the authorities is frequently used.
Is that Hacking?

When I was a child a shared telephone line was the usual, that meant sometimes if the other person sharing the line was using it you could listen to their conversation.
Was that hacking?

If you wanted to see what was in a sealed envelope you put a kettle on raised a spout of steam and steamed open the letter read it and resealed it.
Was that hacking?

Also when I was a child I had a crystal Radio Set and found that if you threw the aerial over a telephone wire adjusted the cats whisker  you could listen in to a telephone call.
Was I a Hacker?

All of the above could come under the name of hacking, so you can see hacking has been around for a very long time under other names.

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The will of the people!

How is it possible that a person who is elected an MP by the people of her constituency does not believe in the will of the people?

The majority of the electorate voted to leave the European Union, but it is obvious that Theresa May did not. Therefore the majority must be wrong but rest assured that everything will be alright because Nanny May will put things right for you.
In spite of what you think you want Nanny knows best.

So sleep tight little ones don’t worry your little heads Nanny will look after you.

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Unwanted Attention

It is strange that over the centuries men have been trying to force their  unwanted attentions on Ladies.
In the Edwardian and Victorian days when the ladies wore slightly larger hats they needed Hatpins to stop their hats being blown away. This gave them a weapon to ward off unwelcome attentions (The Hatpin.).

If you research this item you will find that were quite long and very sharp, usually with an imitation jewel on one end.

Being stabbed in the thigh or hand or somewhere else would certainly cause the culprits to think of other things.

What would the ladies use these days?

Hats are out and also a hatpin might be classed as a concealed weapon.

What can they use?
A spray, you have to be careful of which type?

Perhaps a new style of Hairgrip suitable crafted would solve the problem?

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Is this tax on a tax legal?

Prior to 1973, there was a tax called Purchase Tax.

In 1973 this was changed to Value Added Tax, at present the VAT on purchases is 20%.

There is another tax called Fuel Excise Duty this applies to the fuel used in Cars, Vans, Coaches Lorries etc. this is currently 57.95 pence per litre.
The big thing is that as well as Fuel Excise Duty being charged, VAT is charged on the Fuel Excise Duty.
In other words, you are paying an extra tax of 11.59 pence VAT on the Fuel Duty.
Businesses with a Turnover above a certain amount can claim that back, naturally, there is manpower needed to claim back what you have paid, but the private citizen has to pay a tax on a tax. Double Taxation.

If a private company or business tried that style of pricing would it be called fraud?

Various Governments like the VAT because a rise of 1% in the VAT doesn’t sound much but spread across a large number of different types of goods it brings in a vast amount of money.

Fuel Excise Duty leads to increased costs on all goods because they need transport of one sort or another.

By the way with Value Added Tax how can you increase the value of something by taxing it, surely all you are doing is increasing the cost?

Does that mean if we pay VAT on say the Prime Minister we get a better Prime Minister?

Message to the Chancellor please do not try this.

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