Increased Loneliness

Some time back I wrote about loneliness and how it is on the increase. With this vicious virus that is going around and with lockdown more and more people will be suffering from loneliness. One wonders what can be done to combat this I know that people wear face masks and are usually two metres apart but with the covering up of part of the face it removes the natural events where, when you are talking to someone you are also looking at their expressions to get some idea of whether they agree or disagree with you.

What I do find is that in most cases people’s neighbours are very good, trying their best to make sure that people in lockdown have everything they need. I am one of these myself I in lockdown, which means social isolation who ever thought that this scenery would ever arise again after the 1918 epidemic. I must admit that it is strange that they are now talking about the possibility of another type of pandemic coming from the same source, does this mean that the only way of stopping it is to have closed borders with quarantine very similar to what animals had when they were coming to stay in this country.

Have you ever looked at where the items that you are buying these days come from I personally have been checking on the source of manufacture and it all seems to be made in China, I even went to the extent of ordering something from a German company and lo and behold it was made in China. Now I’m not saying anything about the quality because it does appear to be good but does this mean that other places are getting more and more expensive and pricing themselves out of work?

I often wonder whether I am the only one that has noticed this because no one appears to be mentioning it.

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Once more the search for a Conservative leader.

  • Why are we so bothered about who the new leader will be?
    Is it because we live in a democratic country, or is it a form of benign dictatorship?
    If you stop and think, the amount of power that a political party leader has is immense, but who is he responsible to certainly not you and I, if they were the so called remainers in the Government wouldn’t dare act in the way that they do. They would be nervous of what the electorate would do.
    So where does the real opposition lie?
    Where do you learn about the misdeeds of the MP’s?
    Where else but the Newspapers, Television or Radio, but these days you musn’t forget the Internet with its blogs Facebook etc..
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Brexit, why won’t the Politicians listen to the voters.

We are no further forward with Brexit than we were months ago.

Theresa May’s deal is so far away from what anyone wants that she has finally united everyone, the trouble is that they are all united in being against her.

To my mind people were clear what was wanted, the most important was regaining control of our own Borders and controlling who could come in or not.

It has always seemed strange that people who were criminals in their own country could hide that fact and just come into the U.K. as though they were going into the next town.

One clear thing is coming out of this and that is that the Conservative Party will never be the same again.
But, what political group can replace them, certainly not Labour, it is unclear where they stand on anything with Corbyn as their Leader, they are still fighting amongst themselves with members speaking from different view points and nary the twain shall meet.

Do we need a new Political Party?

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Brexit, or is it?

At last Brexit is here, or so we are told.
How is it that in just one page we are the given the facts  about the deal yet the agreement is over 500 pages long?
Do the political figures believe that we have so much trust in them that we believe everything we are told?
They must be joking.

It seems to me that we are still in a mess and that we are being conned by everyone. We were lied to about the Common Market, and now we are being, I won’t say lied to, but deliberately being misled by all involved.

I wonder if we will ever see the full 500 pages document of the way the EU negotiators see the deal?

Will someone please tell us the plain unadulterated truth.


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Housing Lack Of.

Some time back Boris Johnson wrote an article for the Daily Telegraph on the subject of the Housing Shortage.

At last, someone is commenting on the housing shortage, but he is putting a large amount of the blame on the high stamp duty. He also mentions the land banks.
These land banks have been around for years with developers buying up the land and having a hope that the value of the land will increase when they are ready to build, in some cases, there is a delay of years before they are ready.

Surely there must be some way of limiting the time between the granting of the planning permission and the completion of the building. I say completion of the building because some of the less ethical builders might start building and then pause for a year or two if we say the start of the build.

This at least should increase the speed of the building programme from start to finish.

Also when you think about it, before World War 2 the majority of the flats or apartments above shops were either lived in by the shopkeeper or sublet.
When did this change and why? Possibly something to do with the Business Rate?
I would have thought with people living above the shops it would reduce town centre crime.

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What has happened to the Politician?

I find that if a politician makes a promise on the doorstep such as “I will ensure that the VAT rate will be reduced by 2%” there was never any intention to keep to his word, indeed he even expects you to realise that it is just an election promise that is worthless.

But if it is in the manifesto that is a different thing, that promise is meant to be kept.

The problem now is that all politicians are trying to wriggle out of that as well. Once they are in power they come up with new things that weren’t even considered.

Where have these come from?

Are they from Civil Servants with a particular bee in their bonnet?

Study the speeches made by say the Prime Minister or any other Minister of State. The main theme is obviously thought up by the Political Figure, but what about the sentence that says we will also be looking at this that or the other? In other words the padding, who puts that in? Could it be the speechwriter who is a Civil Servant? Doesn’t it make you wonder who is really running the Country?

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Police and Public Donations

It has been reported that the cash strapped London Police Force are receiving donations to enable them to keep their kit up to date.

Donations include metal detectors, heavy duty torches and other similar equipment.

Can you imagine what could happen in extreme conditions?

A garage volunteers to service all the police cars free of charge with the Police paying for materials only, only the parts supplied are stolen from other cars, so the Police are buying stolen goods.
The garage also fits tracking devices to all of the cars then sells the information as to where the cars are to criminals.
The list could be endless.
Electronic equipment could also be donated fitted with software to enable listening in to police communications. Those are some of the anti-donation cases,
( Sorry all of these are my warped sense of humour.)

Wet Suits, Batteries and things of a similar ilk could safely be donated.

So, all in all, it could be very beneficial if used wisely.

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Squabbles amongst the Political Parties.

It seems that if you wish to become a major political party you must have an internal squabble over one thing or another.

Labour has chosen to argue and fall out over their attitude to the Jewish community, the Conservative Party have chosen to argue over the comments Boris Johnson made on the Burka.
The Conservatives are in the position where just one or two of their hierarchy have decided to try and score points over an article on Burkas written by Boris Johnson in the Daily Telegraph.
This definitely seems an own goal as the Grass Roots of the party agrees with Boris as do a large number of their supporters and Donors.
The question is why did they decide to do this?
The only conclusion I can come to is that they would rather commit political suicide than have Boris as a future leader.

Labour are falling out over the Israelis and the Palestinians’ with Jeremy Corbyn denying that he has done or said something and another member of his own party producing evidence proving that his memory is faulty.

Time and time again the MP’s and their aides act as though they are school kids in the playground at school. The only difference is that the school playground has Prefects and Teachers to keep the kids from going to far overboard whilst the MP’s think that they are supreme.

Will these ancient Brats ever grow up?


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Boris & The Burka.

Has the scheme to attack Boris Johnson over saying that wearing a Burka must be like looking through a letter box backfired?

It is becoming more and more obvious that the majority of the British Public agree with him.

It seems that Labour Political figures are using it to take pressure off them over their anti Jewish attitude.
Certain Conservative political characters are using it to promote their own personal advantage and political progress.

Are these people really saying that it is O.K. to go into public place such as a bank or post office or even a benefits office wearing a Burka yet if you were wearing a motorcycle crash helmet you would have to remove it?

I understand having to remove the crash helmet but I can’t understand being allowed to wear a garment which hides just as much.

Is the Burka really a Muslim religious requirement?

The Human Race is programmed to communicate with other people by watching their facial expressions as well as listening to them speak.

Why are we deprived of this communication tool?

Are the countries that bann the Burka wiser than the British or just more realistic?

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Armed Forces Are Let Down Again & Again!

It is about time the Government stood up for our armed forces, time and time again they have been sacrificed for political expediency. The last time was when Theresa May sold them out to get the support of the DUP after she had made a mess of the General Election.

If the members of the armed forces formed their own political party more attention would be paid to their needs.

How many people really understand what the members of the forces go through when they rejoin civilian life?
How many people have been part of a patrol either on land sea or air when there has been a skirmish and one or two members have been injured or killed? Does the normal citizen understand the feeling of guilt coupled with relief when they return safely but their friend doesn’t?

Prior to using aircraft transporting members around the world Troopships were used this actually was better for the returning troops as they had time to talk over their experiences amongst themselves, this was beneficial.

Even the closing of the Military Hospitals was undertaken without thought of what was best for the troops, but purely to save money.

The civil servants who priced it all have a lot to answer for.


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