How do we stand it?

We have David Cameron the PM for the United Kingdom telling us that the recession will go on for a longer time than was originally thought, times are going to be hard yet we are spending billions of Pounds on overseas aid.

How can we be sure that this is reaching the intended victims?

The answer, of course, is that we can’t.

When you start on economics the general feeling is that it is no good giving all of your resources away or else you will be needing help, yet that appears to be exactly what we are doing.

Who will help us when we need it?

Early in the last century, we depended on Marshall Aid to help us. We should not be placed in a position where we need it again.

It is time that we had a Prime Minister that puts the UK first rather than taxing us out of existence so that he gets a good name abroad.

When was the last time that you had a politician keep to the manifesto that was issued when he wanted your vote?

I love the way that the manifesto is issued with all sorts of promises. Yet you do not agree with all of them but you do not have a system where you can say I will vote for you but I do not agree with that part of your manifesto. No, when they are in you have to accept it, unless of course, they do not want you to have it, in other words it was just a vote catcher, the excuse will be that the previous government left things in a worse state than we thought so we cannot afford to do this.

Do you think that possibly sometime this century we will have a government that says what it means?

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