Global Warming

Is global warning a new thing or has global warming along with floods and natural catastrophes been taking place over a very hundreds of years.

How many people have heard of “Chandlers Wobble”? Chandler was an American Astronomer (Seth Carlo Chandler) who discovered in the 1800s that the world wobbled on its axis similar to a slowing down toy top.

This wobble effects the tidal system of the oceans which in its turn effects the wind and weather.

  • In October 1091 there was a Tornado in London.
  • In 1607 there were the Bristol Channel floods which caused the deaths of over 2,000 people  also sweeping many settlements away.
  • In November/December  1703 there was the great storm in Southern England with Hurricane strength winds. There were up to 15,000 deaths ships lost and damage to buildings and trees.

Of course there were many other natural disasters, floods, droughts, avalanches, Volcanoes, earthquakes etc.

The great buffalo herds of North America generated a vast amount of methane gas as do other animals even humans (Mind you there is a whole species of humans who are known to generate hot air, guess who? ). It seems to me that what ever happens pollution will always be there all we can try and do is to limit the amount.

Do we really understand what effect the Sun Spots and Sun Flares have on this planet? At one time it was agreed that sun flares influenced the temperatures here. I know that they cause radiation increases, but what other unseen effects are there?

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