EU Referendum

I see that it is perfectly alright to for the United Kingdom Ministers to praise the European Union, but if they wish to make a statement criticizing it they are in trouble.

This once again proves my previous statement that this country is run under a form of Dictatorship. (Do as I wish or resign your post). It also means that pro European Union comments are funded by the Government.
The vote samples seem to be showing that the Exit lobby is winning the vote, I wonder what Cameron will produce to show how wrong we all are?
Perhaps the possible closing of borders due to the Rape and assault of German Women by immigrants has caused  their government to think again.
It shows that the mixing of different cultures can in some instances lead to major problems. Were these people from the criminal element in their home Countries?
Is this the reason that they left or were they driven out?
Checks should be made on all immigrants as a matter of course. Also the return of proven criminals to their homeland should be expedited.

If only we had a Government that does what it says. But then aren’t all Governments the same, there is always an excuse not to do what was promised.

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