In out shake it all about.

I see that David Cameron is hedging his bets, is he saying that with the possibility of tight border controls in the E.U. the need for holding back on benefit payments for immigrants is no longer a requirement? It certainly seems to me that he has found a get out, whether we believe it or not that is a different thing.
He knew that it would be a difficult thing to get past the E.U. Commission, but as a vote catcher he was on to a good thing. Also when he put it forward the immigrant crisis wasn’t there.

On the subject of immigrants I have never understood the fact that an immigrant worker can say that he has ten children in his own country and he will get paid a child allowance for all of them, their word is taken on trust (that is if they can speak English.) is yours?

Jeremy Corbyn the Labour leader appears to be of the opinion that what the people of the Falkland Islands feel & think doesn’t matter. His believe appears to be that no matter what the Islanders think there should be a shared control with Argentina. I wonder what his thoughts are on the Balearic Islands, or even Sardinia, Rhodes and the Isle of Man.


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