Does Cameron Trust the Grassroots?

With all the dodges that Cameron is dreaming up to diminish the influence of the Conservative Grassroots it is becoming apparent that there is a deep & ingrained mistrust of the Conservative Association members.

If it hadn’t been for the objections of some of the Conservative Board members as well as some Conservative MP’s the number of Associations would have been reduced from approx. 650 to around 50.
Now it appears that a new rule will be that if an Association has fewer than 200 members they will have to investigate amalgamating with another Association. It is ironic when you realize that the reason for the reduction in the number of Conservative Members appears to be Cameron himself. He told his MP’s to ignore their Association members when voting for the EU Referendum i.e. they didn’t count.
The only Leader to try to increase the power of the Associations was William Hague in 1997, that soon got shelved when he lost the Leadership.
In all the other major political parties the active membership has more influence on their party politics than the Conservative Party. Why?

What has happened to British Politics? The major parties appear to be poorly led.

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