Old Friends before Brexit.

In the days before becoming members of the EU The UK had a healthy trading relationship with friends in the Commonwealth. Many of us had cousins, siblings and other close relatives in these countries as well as The United States of America, these relatives of ours could not understand why we were deserting them but in time they got used to it.
What wasn’t understood was that we were being lied to about the structure of the EU, we were told it was the common market, (I still voted for staying out.) but once we were in, it became apparent that it was far more.

Some of the Politicians still seem intent on misleading the voters as to what is needed to leave. It appears to be forgotten that a very large number of cars of all types are being imported from both France and Germany as well as wine from both countries. This is as well as other products. The EU would lose more that we would.
When have the French and the Germans been friends of ours, they are both very good at looking after their own interests. When it comes to commerce it is everyman (should that be person) for him/her self.

It is time we took a firm line and show that we are prepared to walk away from the negotiations unless we get a better deal.

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