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Major Robert Cambell and the Iraq war.


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E U Who controls what

The EU is becoming more and more dictatorial, the way things seem to be moving it will soon become one State (made up of different countries) with its own Armed Forces similar to The United States of America. It is … Continue reading

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999 Services

I recently read a blog published by a blogger called PoliceCommander, I must admit it made me stop and think, not just for five or ten minutes but for the rest of the day. It was about how he was … Continue reading

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Lincolnshire, a dangerous county to drive a car in.

Reports have just been published stating that Lincolnshire in the UK is one of the most dangerous counties to travel by car in. I am sure that if drivers used the theory that they should treat other drivers as they … Continue reading

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Pharmacists or Doctors?

We now have the dangerous situation where you are being told to take your sick child to the Pharmacist instead of the Doctors surgery, it is nice to know that all of our Pharmacists are trained to recognise child complaints. … Continue reading

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Donald Trump right or wrong.

To be honest I don’t know whether I am right or wrong but I get the feeling that The President of The United States, Donald Trump, has one major question in his mind at all times and that is what … Continue reading

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Is the Conservative Party losing the plot?

The Conservative Party is losing members, it appears that the membership is below 70,000 that is an unconfirmed figure but also not denied. Why is this happening?Is it due to the fact that the Central Office is getting more remote … Continue reading

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