Pharmacists or Doctors?

We now have the dangerous situation where you are being told to take your sick child to the Pharmacist instead of the Doctors surgery, it is nice to know that all of our Pharmacists are trained to recognise child complaints. Or are they?

It appears to yet another way to reduce the need for Doctors and the NHS. Of course it does raise the question as to whether Pharmacists are permitted to sign prescription papers, or maybe this is just a way to privatise some of the NHS?

Could the Politicians be that devious? My answer to that question is of course they can.

Is the Chancellor willing to do anything to save money?
Only time will tell, but we must do anything to ensure that we retain our National Health Service.
Once the Dental services were first class but gradually the National Health part has been diminished until it is now difficult or nigh impossible to find a NHS Dentist within a reasonable traveling distance. This makes it very difficult for the elderly. They at least know what the NHS used to be.

If funding needs to be reduced why not take a serious look at charging and pursuing the people who have not paid a penny into the system?

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