Lincolnshire, a dangerous county to drive a car in.

Reports have just been published stating that Lincolnshire in the UK is one of the most dangerous counties to travel by car in.
I am sure that if drivers used the theory that they should treat other drivers as they themselves would wish to be treated a car journey would be safer and less of a strain. Perhaps more time should be allowed for the journey then there wouldn’t be the need for racing along. (I am one of those people who would rather be very early than late, so I always allow plenty of time for possible holdups.)

Many years ago the whole driving scene was different, if you saw a broken down car and no AA or RAC van or motorcycle in attendance you your self would stop to see if you could help. (Mind you I’m not sure it would be a safe thing to do these days.)

Isn’t it a sad state of affairs when you wouldn’t feel safe to stop and help others. I often wonder is the world really like this or is it just a case of the press are only interested in bad news so won’t publish good news.

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