999 Services

I recently read a blog published by a blogger called PoliceCommander, I must admit it made me stop and think, not just for five or ten minutes but for the rest of the day.
It was about how he was retiring on medical grounds after 20 odd years of service. This was due to the sights that he had seen and the incidents that he had participated in during his time in the Police.

We are all used to seeing the Police, Fire Brigade and the Ambulances in our community.
How many of us stop and think what horrible incidents they have been involved in that day and not only that day but consistently during their working hours. The accidents with damaged and suffering people and worse still children.
I still remember an accident that I saw in 1949, in Singapore an Army Lorry that had been sent to meet our Troopship Crashed on the way in to Singapore City Centre, it caught fire with no escape for some of the troops in the back unfortunately some died and we who were in another lorry that followed later passed the crash scene and saw the burnt bodies.

Now if I still remember that sight from years ago think how the 999 services must feel who see a similar and some times worse scene many times in their working life.
All I am saying is think kindly of these people, they are looking after you and yours and they sometimes suffer more than you realise whilst doing it.

Thankyou all of the 999 services, after reading that blog I understand a bit more of what you are going through.

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1 Response to 999 Services

  1. Buster says:

    The 999 services have always been underappreciated apart from during WW2, but the people who had need of them couldn’t praise them enough

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