Severe Weather Conditions

It has become very clear that this country is unable to cope in a long period of severe weather, especially snow and ice.

We read in the  news papers (If you can get to the shops to buy one or if your newspaper boy/girl was able to deliver it) of traffic being held up and delayed for hours, sitting in freezing conditions on trains where the heating has failed, sitting in a car unable to move because of long queues of other traffic possible due to a serious accident where the emergency services are struggling to get through.

I seem to remember that many years ago there was talk of fitting special winter tyres or even snow chains in hazardous conditions.
Is it that the modern general purpose tyre is better under hazardous conditions than snow tyres or chains?

Even worse is that our industrial companies had to cut back on the use of gas because we only have 10 day of gas in reserve where as Germany for example has 73 days.
Why is that?
Is it just to save money?
Or is it that successive governments have decided that these conditions are so rare that we can put up with only 10 days reserve?

How much has this week of bad weather cost the country?
Is it worth it with people dying?

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