Is the Labour Party on a suicide course?

It appears that the Labour Party with Corbyn as its Leader is moving further and further to the left, soon it could be having a serious effect on the membership figures.
The normal member of the various unions are not socialists, they are just people who are trying to look out for themselves and not be taken for a ride by others. Soon these very members will rise up and take back control of the unions their forefathers started.
Michael Foot tried to take the Labour Party on a path towards the left and socialism, he didn’t succeed but rather the Party had a major defeat in a subsequent election.

When there were middle of the road Labour people like Blair and Brown (in his early years) who captured the imagination of the middle class voter they stood a better chance of winning elections, but if they are extremely left wing their chances are reduced.

With todays methods of instant mass communication the whole political scene is changing only a short while ago it was only the young who understood the social media, this has now changed and you even have pensioners with Facebook and twitter accounts. This means that they also have access to worldwide propaganda but with the experience of years they are more likely to query it.

Is it possible that out of this chaos will rise a new political party?

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2 Responses to Is the Labour Party on a suicide course?

  1. Well you say it could have a serious impact on the figures. Isnt that how they have managed to actually be the biggest party in the whole of Europe? because of him? The PLP hate him, but a large swathe of the public like him. Yes it might have an impact on the figures, but the only way they will get in power is to get non members voting, not just members (imho)

  2. gordonshome says:

    The Local Government elections in May will be very interesting and should give a clearer indication of whether Corbyn’s approach is working. What will also be interesting is to see which Parties use social networking to get the message across and whether the voters read it.
    Postal voters have increased over the last few years with many voters posting their vote before some have even seen the campaign leaflet. In other words they voted on their preconceived ideas and party lines.
    Yes I agree the main thing is to get the voter out.
    It can be heart breaking for hard working candidates of all parties with voter turn out as low as 16% in some cases,

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