British Justice?

Worboys is not being charged with a rape dating back to 2003, even though the victim was told that new evidence proved that she was raped.
The police explained that hers was not a new case, therefore, it was not worthwhile to reconsider it.

Compare that to the ex-servicemen being prosecuted yet again over cases dating back to the Iraq War.
In both cases neither is a new case, therefore, the same argument should apply.
Why doesn’t it?

It was a war that was fought over false information.
Why wasn’t an investigation over that called for?

It is strange that one refers to an international case and the other is a national case, guess which one it was decided not to continue with.
I wonder which case the legal profession stands to make the most money out of?

Further illegal actions that are apparently being overlooked are shoplifting cases where the value of the goods stolen is less than £200.00.
Although to the police this may not seem a serious crime just consider this.
You are a small shopkeeper and your stock which doesn’t consist of expensive items is under constant attack from the shoplifters, what do you do?
You have two courses of action, you could close down, lose your income and work for a larger business. (The chancellor loses because you are no longer paying tax on your profits. You are paying less under PAYE.) or you could stay in business and put up your prices to cover your increased insurance, CCTV, overheads and theft losses.
In both cases, the general public loses out.
In the first case the public loses a local shop and in the second the public has to pay more for his goods.
The Police decision not to take action will more than likely affect your pocket.

I wonder what would happen if you detained the shoplifter and the police didn’t turn up for some hours, would the police then charge you with kidnapping?

Remember there is a Police and Crime Commissioner who you elect, that means you have someone you can question as to the right and wrongs of police actions.

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