Local Government Elections.

The United Kingdom local government elections are due in May.
I expect that as usual all political parties will produce election manifestos that will be full of promises. The sole purpose of these promises is to get the electorate to vote for a particular political party.

How many times have we been told by the party that wins the election that a particular item can’t be incorporated in the Government Policy because they found that the situation has changed since they made the promise?
Why wasn’t this checked out or the sums done before included it in the manifesto or at least stated “if possible”? Instead of making a firm statement?

If a company advertised an item or service then collected money (votes) without supplying the goods they would be investigated and possibly prosecuted.

Why doesn’t this apply to an election promise? After all that is what a manifesto is, an advertisement to persuade you to use your vote in their favour.

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