Brexit again and again.

Why is it that we always seem to be in the wrong in the Brexit negotiations yet the E.U. has more to lose than us if everything goes sour?

We actually buy more from the E.U. countries than they buy from us, also these items could undoubtedly be purchased elsewhere in the world and probably cheaper.
An additional benefit would be a reduction in the number of heavy lorries traveling through the counties of South East England. This would also reduce the hiding places for illegal immigrants, a definite bonus.

Yet again we should remember that neither Germany or France are true friends of ours  both countries having their own agenda.

Why is it that so many Remainers have the final say in this Government?

It is my opinion that if we finish up with a bad deal the Conservative Party will suffer for decades and will become unelectable.

Staying in a form of Customs Union should be a definite No, No. It will not benefit us at all after all the British Public did not want to be told what they could do or rather couldn’t do by another organisation.

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