National Health Funding.

Theresa May hinted that the way forward for funding the National Health Service would be to give each person a sum of money and let the participant decide how it would be spent.

This is O.K. in theory but it leaves the way open for future governments to easily reduce the amount per person, thus ignoring the costs of longterm illnesses and disabilities.
Just imagine the cost per person of a longterm disabled person against the cost of a fit and active person. It must be tens of thousands of pounds difference yet the new idea would make it so easy to put a cap on the amount spent per person.
This goes against the whole basic concept of the National Health Service and begins to smell more like an insurance-based system.

Just imagine how it sounds to say that the costs per person have been reduced by £100.00 instead of saying there will be a reduction of one hundred million pounds allocated to the NHS. (The figures I have used are purely for illustration and have no factual basis,)

This new concept is dangerous and should be thrown out.

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