Brexit Trouble for the Prime Minister Again.

The government is in trouble with its own members yet again.
I believe that the main cause of the continued problems is that the MP’s chose a leader who it is known is a remainer and what did she do when picking her cabinet, she chose mainly remainers as her cabinet with just one or two so she could say that she had Brexit covered.

Even the public can see through her ploys so why don’t the Tory MP’s then we can get on with withdrawing from the EU?

This is one of the problems when the MP’s stitch it up so that the normal Conservative Member hasn’t had a say in selecting a new Leader. The MP’s were interested in what was best for their own ambitions and to blazes with what was best to comply with the referendum result. If they had done as they were asked, get on with the exiting from the E.U. the problems wouldn’t be there.

In this case, I am sure the normal member would have been wiser than the MP’s.

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