Emigration, Good or Bad?

Why do people emigrate?

The greater majority emigrate to improve their living standards and to escape from poverty.

Why is it that they then bring with them all that they are trying to escape from?

The same way of living, the same restrictive practices that cause the problems in the first case, the same religious restrictions in their way of dress and actions.

Also, they try and bring the religious laws that restrict other members of the same group i.e: restrict the type of clothing that they allow members of their family to wear.

Why do they expect their religious laws to override the laws of the country they have just emigrated to?

In fact, why should Shira Law override the laws of the new country?

If you notice they also congregate into groups of households and many of them do not try to learn the language. I have noticed that if people from the UK settle in another country they act in exactly the same way regarding living and language but they do try and live within the laws of the host country.

It is no wonder that immigrants are unwelcome.
Locally I find that in the published list of court cases immigrants are to the forefront in driving offences and drinking offences.
Should we take into account regarding driving that we drive on the left and the majority of  other countries drive on the right and when they are in drink (as an old Aunt of mine used to say) their responses change?

I don’t think so, drinking is not an excuse to break the law.

Mind you I do not approve of drinking and driving.


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