N.H.S. Doctors

I see that a suggestion has been put forward that a visit to the Doctors Surgery should have a charge of £5.00 per person levied.

The thing is, is this suggestion coat-trailing, i.e. put forward to see what the population says about it?

What comes next, £10.00 to visit Accident and Emergency?
£20.00 to per Hospital appointment visit?
All of these mean that as in the period before the NHS people will try all the extremes of self-medication, vaccinations will decrease with a subsequent increase in measles, polio etc. the health of the nation will get worse and we will become a third world nation healthwise.

Look what happened to the Dentists, in some places you cant find an NHS Dentist.

Also what is being overlooked is that it is your taxes that are funding the N.H.S. so you would be paying twice.

If you get the chance object to any charges, otherwise it will be the thin end of the wedge.

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