Brexit Continues.

I am becoming more and more convinced that the majority of the MP’s including Theresa May has no wish to leave the EU even to the extent of trying to tie the UK into a deal that is still remaining in all but name.

Are the remainers of the Conservative Party trying to destroy their own Party?

Surely they can’t believe that the electorate is so lacking in political knowledge that they will believe everything they are told?

With the resignation of prominent members of the cabinet, there will now be a reason to stop and reconsider.

What is your memory like?
What countries have tried to dominate Europe before?

Is this history repeating itself in another way?

What is needed is a good strong Brexit person to take us forward to a new phase and prosperity and put the UK first.

Remember we have many cousins, relatives and friends in the rest of the world and very few in the EU. In that, it is a case of horse trading.

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