Football and the Brexit!

With the advent of the world cup in football, it appears that nothing else matters, the papers have headlines about football yet if you look at the letters to the editor page the greater majority are about Brexit and the disastrous mess Theresa May is making of it.

People are hoping that the nations Conservative MP’S will get a grip on the matter and sort it out properly once and for all, the EU has been dividing the MP’s of both the Conservative and Labour parties ever since we first joined, at that time France fought hard to keep us out, DeGaul was still suffering from the treatment he received from the British Government during his exile, and as for the Germans they were a split nation until the Berlin wall came down.

The LibDems are all for the EU because they see that as the only way they can have any influence, they are nothing more than a damp squib.

The future of this country lies in having the guts and willpower to sort out its own problems not necessarily through its politicians.

Many years ago I remember PanAm used to send a booklet out to various people in various countries of the world listing American firms that were looking for representation in other countries. A way forward thought up by an American firm. In other words, it is people who have the advanced ideas and businesses who use them, not governments.

Trump is succeeding because he is thinking as a person, not as a red-taped hidebound institution.

If we had someone like him we would stand a better chance of fighting the establishments.
We will have Brexit the problem is how long will it takes.

With every problem, there is someone who can solve it I only hope we find them soon.

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