What is hacking?

If someone asked how long has hacking been going on, I wonder what your answer would be?

Is it a modern thing?

But stop and think about it what is hacking but breaking in to read someone’s correspondence and thoughts.
Many, years ago before envelopes people folded their letters and sealed them with sealing wax. Naturally people other than the intended recipients wanted to see what had been written, so using a long thin knife with a heated blade they slid the blade under the sealing wax lifted it up opened the letter read it reheated the blade and replaced the sealing wax and sent it on its way.
Was that hacking?

During World War II radio messages in code were sent to secret agents. The opposing side tried to intercept the messages and break the code to read the message.
Was that hacking?

Wire tapping to eavesdrop 0n telephone calls, usually by the authorities is frequently used.
Is that Hacking?

When I was a child a shared telephone line was the usual, that meant sometimes if the other person sharing the line was using it you could listen to their conversation.
Was that hacking?

If you wanted to see what was in a sealed envelope you put a kettle on raised a spout of steam and steamed open the letter read it and resealed it.
Was that hacking?

Also when I was a child I had a crystal Radio Set and found that if you threw the aerial over a telephone wire adjusted the cats whisker  you could listen in to a telephone call.
Was I a Hacker?

All of the above could come under the name of hacking, so you can see hacking has been around for a very long time under other names.

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