Armed Forces Are Let Down Again & Again!

It is about time the Government stood up for our armed forces, time and time again they have been sacrificed for political expediency. The last time was when Theresa May sold them out to get the support of the DUP after she had made a mess of the General Election.

If the members of the armed forces formed their own political party more attention would be paid to their needs.

How many people really understand what the members of the forces go through when they rejoin civilian life?
How many people have been part of a patrol either on land sea or air when there has been a skirmish and one or two members have been injured or killed? Does the normal citizen understand the feeling of guilt coupled with relief when they return safely but their friend doesn’t?

Prior to using aircraft transporting members around the world Troopships were used this actually was better for the returning troops as they had time to talk over their experiences amongst themselves, this was beneficial.

Even the closing of the Military Hospitals was undertaken without thought of what was best for the troops, but purely to save money.

The civil servants who priced it all have a lot to answer for.


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