Boris & The Burka.

Has the scheme to attack Boris Johnson over saying that wearing a Burka must be like looking through a letter box backfired?

It is becoming more and more obvious that the majority of the British Public agree with him.

It seems that Labour Political figures are using it to take pressure off them over their anti Jewish attitude.
Certain Conservative political characters are using it to promote their own personal advantage and political progress.

Are these people really saying that it is O.K. to go into public place such as a bank or post office or even a benefits office wearing a Burka yet if you were wearing a motorcycle crash helmet you would have to remove it?

I understand having to remove the crash helmet but I can’t understand being allowed to wear a garment which hides just as much.

Is the Burka really a Muslim religious requirement?

The Human Race is programmed to communicate with other people by watching their facial expressions as well as listening to them speak.

Why are we deprived of this communication tool?

Are the countries that bann the Burka wiser than the British or just more realistic?

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