Squabbles amongst the Political Parties.

It seems that if you wish to become a major political party you must have an internal squabble over one thing or another.

Labour has chosen to argue and fall out over their attitude to the Jewish community, the Conservative Party have chosen to argue over the comments Boris Johnson made on the Burka.
The Conservatives are in the position where just one or two of their hierarchy have decided to try and score points over an article on Burkas written by Boris Johnson in the Daily Telegraph.
This definitely seems an own goal as the Grass Roots of the party agrees with Boris as do a large number of their supporters and Donors.
The question is why did they decide to do this?
The only conclusion I can come to is that they would rather commit political suicide than have Boris as a future leader.

Labour are falling out over the Israelis and the Palestinians’ with Jeremy Corbyn denying that he has done or said something and another member of his own party producing evidence proving that his memory is faulty.

Time and time again the MP’s and their aides act as though they are school kids in the playground at school. The only difference is that the school playground has Prefects and Teachers to keep the kids from going to far overboard whilst the MP’s think that they are supreme.

Will these ancient Brats ever grow up?


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