Police and Public Donations

It has been reported that the cash strapped London Police Force are receiving donations to enable them to keep their kit up to date.

Donations include metal detectors, heavy duty torches and other similar equipment.

Can you imagine what could happen in extreme conditions?

A garage volunteers to service all the police cars free of charge with the Police paying for materials only, only the parts supplied are stolen from other cars, so the Police are buying stolen goods.
The garage also fits tracking devices to all of the cars then sells the information as to where the cars are to criminals.
The list could be endless.
Electronic equipment could also be donated fitted with software to enable listening in to police communications. Those are some of the anti-donation cases,
( Sorry all of these are my warped sense of humour.)

Wet Suits, Batteries and things of a similar ilk could safely be donated.

So, all in all, it could be very beneficial if used wisely.

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