What has happened to the Politician?

I find that if a politician makes a promise on the doorstep such as “I will ensure that the VAT rate will be reduced by 2%” there was never any intention to keep to his word, indeed he even expects you to realise that it is just an election promise that is worthless.

But if it is in the manifesto that is a different thing, that promise is meant to be kept.

The problem now is that all politicians are trying to wriggle out of that as well. Once they are in power they come up with new things that weren’t even considered.

Where have these come from?

Are they from Civil Servants with a particular bee in their bonnet?

Study the speeches made by say the Prime Minister or any other Minister of State. The main theme is obviously thought up by the Political Figure, but what about the sentence that says we will also be looking at this that or the other? In other words the padding, who puts that in? Could it be the speechwriter who is a Civil Servant? Doesn’t it make you wonder who is really running the Country?

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