Housing Lack Of.

Some time back Boris Johnson wrote an article for the Daily Telegraph on the subject of the Housing Shortage.

At last, someone is commenting on the housing shortage, but he is putting a large amount of the blame on the high stamp duty. He also mentions the land banks.
These land banks have been around for years with developers buying up the land and having a hope that the value of the land will increase when they are ready to build, in some cases, there is a delay of years before they are ready.

Surely there must be some way of limiting the time between the granting of the planning permission and the completion of the building. I say completion of the building because some of the less ethical builders might start building and then pause for a year or two if we say the start of the build.

This at least should increase the speed of the building programme from start to finish.

Also when you think about it, before World War 2 the majority of the flats or apartments above shops were either lived in by the shopkeeper or sublet.
When did this change and why? Possibly something to do with the Business Rate?
I would have thought with people living above the shops it would reduce town centre crime.

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