Brexit, why won’t the Politicians listen to the voters.

We are no further forward with Brexit than we were months ago.

Theresa May’s deal is so far away from what anyone wants that she has finally united everyone, the trouble is that they are all united in being against her.

To my mind people were clear what was wanted, the most important was regaining control of our own Borders and controlling who could come in or not.

It has always seemed strange that people who were criminals in their own country could hide that fact and just come into the U.K. as though they were going into the next town.

One clear thing is coming out of this and that is that the Conservative Party will never be the same again.
But, what political group can replace them, certainly not Labour, it is unclear where they stand on anything with Corbyn as their Leader, they are still fighting amongst themselves with members speaking from different view points and nary the twain shall meet.

Do we need a new Political Party?

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